Tuesday, 24 March 2015

omaru creek

In ow creek which is called omaru creek it is near ow school so it is not that far from here. So it is properly just like 5 mins or 10 mins.

The harakeke makes our creek nice and call and it geps it shadie. And it makes it stay clean there are different kinds of trees. like a pohutukawa cabbage tree there are plants and there are litteal insects eat the root then it grows back .

And there was eels and catfish and ducks and also there are little insects. And they also stuff in the creek and we need to keep ow creek clean like dont put paint and dirt are divided into two functional types and The fish and eels died after part of the Glen Innes creek was further polluted   

and there is a trap that catches the rubbish then it goes threw the middle so it stops it flowing threw creek and keeps it clean and it keeps on cleaning ow creek   

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