Thursday, 31 July 2014

Russell Being a champion

Hi My Name is Russell and I Am going to talk about peter Snell he has won 3 gold medals and 2 gold medals 3 in Olympics and 2 in commonwealth he enjoys running.
What was Yasmin doing when she tried to dive in the pool? she was practicing  

What did mum teach Yasmin to do when diving in the pool?

Explain what is a Carnival

Yasmin couldn’t dive into the pool. She kept practicing at school and one of the boys was being mean to her. She was embarrassed. Her mum was going to her. learn her how to dive Yasmin’s mum taught her how to dive and pretend that there were springs on her feet. She did it! Yasmin is now going to participate in the swimming Carnival.

Russell My commonwealth games

commonwealth games is as called the friendly games it is a multi sport that event that happens every four years and it is hosted every country all around the world in 2010 the commonwealth games we're helded in delhi india the next games is going to be in 2018 gold coast australia the current commonwealth games ar in glass glow in scotland and athletes from 71 nation are taking part
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Russell life Education caravan

Have you ever heard of the Life Education Caravan before? our teacher was Lynn and Harold. we learned five things that helps our body grow food water Sleep Rest and oxygen.  

Our bodies have to be healthy and to be fit. like healthy food and this fruit water vegetables

Tam shows us the parts of our bodies and Tam is a dummy and everybody said Ewwww. people were giggling too. Harold  is a funny giraffe and he is always happy.

My Favorited thing was learning about growing and health   

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Daniel By Russell

Doing the right thing even when it's hard it will always be the best choice. My favourite part of the story is when Daniel prayed to God for help.

My rally car By Russell

We’ve been reading a story about Zac and his neighbour who has a rally car. Here is my design of a rally car.

Why didn’t the man let Zac come and look at his car?because he was busy

How did Zac feel? sad
 Describe what the rally car looked like red yellow and shine wheels

my presentation By Russell

What did Ballet help Tommy with? Bend stretch and leap because tommy douse bella and is mostly for girls What should Tommy have said to Jackson and Robert? be quiet our i will tell my mum

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Russell My holiday days

Did you enjoy your holidays? Our school finished on the  4th of  july on friday i couldn't wait for the holidays to start but I was going to miss school i have so much fun at school.

i went to my aunts house in Manukau and her name Taniya when we got there we had to be good and help my aunt clean the house. she had a wii game and you can change your person and make your own person two on the wii changer. me and my cousin Charves and my brother Billy we made our own person on the game.

We had to go home on Thursday because there was school on monday. my Dad got us new games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. we sold some games like medal of honor and a ninja game

My favorite part was when going to my aunts house. i felt happy that I had a holiday.

Monday, 21 July 2014

my paper plane By Russell

this week we are learning about length for measurement. Today I made a paper plane to learn about length and show distance. I measured it using steps. I thougth that it was going to be 11 steps across the deck outside our class but it was 12