Thursday, 26 March 2015


At camp we had to pack our stuff to get ready for camp and then we had to check what we need to have then on wednesday we get to do activities in

the hall and outside they were hard ones and they were call ones it shows me im definitely going there next year  

they were cooking we made corn fritters the girls were lucky because they were the only ones that can make cookies they can make chocolate ones and they can make white chocolate ones to mrs jarman and mrs garden it was call at cooking      

and then we went to kayaking the rules were to be not to go past the point
and the other point and they can’t past the red powl we had to do foot bum foot the other side was a spoon and other one was the knife we had to wear a life jacket

then we went to the amazing race it was the honest sqwad and the comments and we all went   


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