Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Auckland art Gallery

Last Week On Friday we went to The Auckland art gallery In Auckland city. then we walked over to manny The first. one was when we walked through a corridor and we looked at some pieces of art. then we went into this room she said she will tale as a different way how to show how to write a story is to draw.

Then we had morning tea then we went to the lego. me and Jonathon was
the guns were built with lego. and Hosea built his name out of lego then He but it on a tower.

Then we went to the Dancing we went to this big screen. and we danced to it and then there were some little Pixels that eat us. then me and jonathon crabed these little blocks that are colorful Blocks. then we went to this colorful lights we saw. and we were making puppets.

My favorite was the lego and the dancing then we went back to school then we. played heads down thumbs up then the whole school went home.                     

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