Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pt England hole school Athletics

Hi My name is Russell and I love Athletics. On Friday the Whole school gathered up on The Hard Courts. Then miss Va'afusuaga dismiss us but Mr Burt said the karakia. for us to have a good day. Then miss Va'afusuaga let us go and have fun.

Then we walked over to high jump. Then Miss King Told us what to do then we started. Tony went first then it was me we made it and it was going.
higher and higher  

Then we walked over to the run and got in a group of Four first We done 50 met and then we done 75 met. I was versing the fasts people jonathan came first and i came second.

Then we went to discus and there were two things we could Do we could have fun or we couled have a challenge with people. then some of us done fun with miss teto. and then we all done the challenge javan. went the farist first then it was job and josh then i went and a bayt job.      

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