Thursday, 18 June 2015


A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. one day there was a space man he saw a portal and then he jumped in it and then he had different clothes and arrived in a jail and he said i need to save the world from the zombies i need three people to save the world with me but we need weapons like guns bazookas grenades we need to go now the world needs so bad.

and then he went in to nather portal then he was in the world and then he and his men jumped in the car that is called a bulldog and that has a mini gun on it and then they went to go to the city and then they went up on to the roof and then they saw a hole wave of zombies goming to them and then they went into the bulldog and then they yoused the gun and then they started shots them and then they went

and they saw a tank it just needs some fixing he said then he fixed it and then they said by to the bulldog and then they went and then they took the the tank and then they tryed go to the biggest city in spain and then they so a bigger wave of zombies goming and then they shot them all and then they went and got there and then they had ammow

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