Thursday, 28 May 2015

jack and the beanstalk

A giant has been found dead outside of jacks house on sunday 1pm. Jacks house is near the farm the farm is near the volcano.

Jack went to go sell some milk and some food. And got some magic beans and then he   put it up on the shelf and then they fell. Inside the pole of water then
grew. Inside the house and then they climb up the beanstalk. And then they went to giants island and then jack and his two friends. was walking in the forest and then they saw a giant and he was hunting for food and one of them were at the back of a tree and he found him jack and his other friend was in the water inside the rocks and jack was hiding in the water and they were finding a crown and it was built from a giant and then jacks friend was found and then they cooked bigs inside the basetree and jack's friend was inside one of them and then jack went down a jack cut the basetree and then the giant but them inside the oven and then jack killed the giant because had a knife and then he jumped of were they but the knife and then it went threw the giants back and then the giant was walking around and then he went into the wall and then the knife went more in and then the giant died and then jacks other mean said they found the girl but they betend and then the guy bushed him of the cliff and then they went and then the guy saw two giants and then the giant killed the guy and then the other guy got out the crown and then they all stopped because is was built from the giant king and then jack and then saw a giant near the cliff and then they saw a bee hive and then the giant was saying arrrr and the he walked of the cliff in the sky and then the girl and jack and his partner and then jack's partner said youse go i am going to take down and men and then he took them down and then the beanstalk and then jack’s partner jumped on the beanstalk and then they had war and then the giant found the crown and the put it on his fingers and then they found some beans and they chucked it into the water and then it crew and then they jumped on the beans then jack saw the giants goming  down in the water and then jack went onto his horse and then he was yelling run run as fast as you can run and then went o look jack and then they saw the giants and then the ran and then they most of them made it and then they shot the guns hooks and then they but it down and then jack became king and they changed the crown a made it all better and then that was the end of the story  

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